Back to School Plans as the summer holidays draw to a close …

Perhaps the pressure is off to entertain the kids during the holiday and life can return to normal.  Undoubtedly your dog has enjoyed the company of the whole family –  he has been away on holiday with you, had lots of fuss and attention, or, maybe he has just had you around more during the day.  During this time maybe the rules have gone out of the window and as a result your dog just isn’t listening to you!

These changes to your normal routine will have had an impact on your ability to be consistent with your dog.  He may have found new ways of entertaining himself that you just can’t compete with.  I can help with the solution to this problemI can provide regular training sessions that both you and your dog find motivating and fun.  Whilst chatting with clients recently they told me that the benefits of quality training do not stop there.  I provide a forum where you can ask questions that are general to all dogs as well as questions you may want to ask which are specific to your dog.  You get the support of an experienced trainer and, equally important, the camaraderie of your fellow dog handlers.  The classes I provide give you the confidence to experience quality tuition and access to interesting dog psychology.  You can then go away and practice the techniques knowing you’ve got support should things not go according to plan.  Often we can take solace from realising we are not the only ones struggling with an aspect of our canine relationship – especially after summer holidays!  Everyone needs a little bit of help which books and DVDs can’t fully explain.

The next Mind Your Manners Course starts on 13th September (Clanville) where you can work on the areas that have fallen by the wayside.  A good example is “recall or pulling on the lead“.  If you have a working breed – bring your dog along to Gundog Classes (14th Sept in Marlborough) where you can channel your dog’s physical and mental energy into a job that he was bred for – and remember you don’t have to want to “work” your dog to get a buzz out of training it to a high level of obedience.