Robyn Qualifies for Crufts

In September last year Robyn, my black Labrador, and I went along to an obedience competition after being egged on by the lovely trainers at the local dog training group we belong to.  It was literally just going to be an opportunity to see how we got on and get a feel of what we needed to work on ready for next season (April 2017).  I had no expectations and was extremely surprised and thrilled that after a bouncy performance from Robyn that we picked up a 4th place and qualification for the semi-finals at Discover Dogs in London.

I can honestly say the panic set in shortly after getting back home as I had no idea of what it would be like to perform indoors and Robyn had never been in a large arena environment, let alone complete against people who had been out and about at shows all season.  However with the support of my friends from the club off we went to experience what it was like to attend London’s biggest dog show.  The atmosphere couldn’t have been more different to our first outdoor competition with loud speakers echoing in the exhibition centre, the general public milling about doing their shopping, and people enthusiastically spectating.

There were 20 of us competing for 5 places to qualify for the finals at Crufts and the range of breeds was impressive from Hovawart, Miniature Schnauzer and Chihuahua.   I was so impressed that the KCGCDS obedience class attracted so much interest, and when we entered the ring I remember feeling a little intimidated by people crowding around the ring to watch.  However, once we got started Robyn and I were totally focused on one another and went about our round as we’d prepared for at home.  I have to say though nerves did get the better of me as I was horse by the end of the round because I must have held my breath most of the time only gasping to gain enough oxygen to talk to Robyn.  Despite this I managed not to keel over and was thrilled we managed to complete the 6 elements of the test without any major incident resulting in a 5th rosette and our place secured for Crufts.  I couldn’t have been more delighted and proud with the way Robyn coped, and if you didn’t know any different you would have said she had done it many times before.

So watch this space for an update on how we got on ….