Jennie contacted me about her Springer Spaniel whom she had rehomed from a local rescue centre eight months previously.  Peaches was nine years old when Jennie first brought her home and during that time dedicated lots of energy into getting her back up to weight, dealing with her matted coat and improving her separation anxiety – all of which Jennie confidently dealt with on her own.  However Peaches was nervous aggressive towards dogs she met out in the park and Jenny felt the time had come to call for help.  Like many owners with dog aggressive dogs, Jennie was having to become more and more creative about where and when she could walk, adopting avoidance tactics in order to stay safe.  Not only that but Peaches’ also had a tendency to lunge on the lead when cyclists, motorbikes and cars passed by so getting to the park was a real challenge

After spending some time getting to understand Peaches history and assessing how the problems may have come about a plan was devised on how best to address them.  We then embarked on the practical part of the consultation and once out of the house it became apparent that Peaches did what a lot of dogs do, as soon as she was out of the garden she lunged forward to the end of her lead and proceeded to pull down the road.  So we started with teaching Peaches how to walk nicely on a loose lead and once this was achieved we were in a position to carry out our plan when we encountered one of her triggers. As the walk progressed Jennie was able to practice how to deal with Peaches when other dogs, cars and bikes came past.  The session went very well and I left Jennie confident in the knowledge that she knew how to deal with any of the issues we had talked about whilst out on their walks.

You can imagine my delight when last week I opened my inbox and had the pleasure of receiving this lovely email on their progress so far:-

“Dear Jill,

It’s been just over 6 weeks since our training sessions and I am really pleased with the progress that Peaches has made. There are areas that still need work, her recall is not at a level that I am confident to let her off the lead unless we are in a fenced area but she is responding to a whistle or the words ‘come here’ 70% of the time. Her general behaviour is amazing, she is happy to be walked anywhere (town, open spaces, etc.) without pulling and without any aggression towards anything, often she now ignores dogs.

We have ventured out to various cafes, pubs and had a day at a National Trust property. I have had many comments about how well behaved she is, how pretty and friendly she is. The training and advice that you provided has made such a difference to the activities that we do and the overall quality of life that we both now enjoy.

I am well aware that this is not the end of the training and that everything that we started must be maintained and hopefully improved, but I cannot believe the difference in such a short amount of time. Thank you!”