When you go on holiday there’s always a myriad of things to think about, and having just recently been away I thought I would pull together a list of handy tips to consider before you go off on your adventures with your canine best friend(s) …


# The journey

If its a long journey then I need to know that there will be somewhere to stop and give the dogs a comfort break and a leg stretch.  Many of the motorway services do have a grassy area, but not all.  If your dog is not used to long journeys in the car then you might want to consider preparing them by practising in advance.  For example taking them out for progressively longer car journeys in the run up to your holiday.

# Do you need to make any changes to the dog’s diet?

If like me you feed a frozen raw diet, you will need to find out if the accommodation has enough freezer space (with my 3 dogs this is a bit of a challenge).  Ive managed to source an alternative that’s easy to transport and I don’t’ have to worry about storage at the other end.  You might want to consider doing this and if you will need to introduce it over a period of a few days before you go so as to avoid any digestive upsets.

# Get the local Vet contact details

Hopefully you won’t need the services of a local vet, but it’s always a good idea to have the details recorded in the case of an emergency.  The Good Vet & Pet Guide has a searchable directory that will give you a list of Vets and how far away they are from your location.


# Make the cottage home from home for your dog

I take my dog’s own bedding so that they have something that smells of home and is familiar, often holiday cottages don’t like dogs sleeping in the bedrooms – so if this is a problem for you, could it be overcome by taking a crate to place in the appropriate room for your dog to sleep in at night?

# Find an Exercise Area

Is the holiday home equipped to accommodate your dog, often landlords leave out some bowls and tasty treats, but don’t forget to check if there is an area where you can easily toilet your dogs that’s safe and secure, and if there are any areas off limits?


# Making plans around your dog

Many local pubs and café’s are very savvi when it comes to customers and now allow dogs, so I recommend doing an online search before you head out to find the best places.

If you are off to the West Country and want to explore the coast and countryside then I would recommend iwalk Cornwall – this was a life saver when it came to planning what to do and where to go.  They have an app of guided walks at all levels, giving you step by instructions delivered to your phone which takes all the hard work out of navigating your walks, with the added bonus you need never worry about getting lost because it plots where you are using GPS.  Here are some photos from our Loe Bar walk with the dogs.

# Will your dog be well-behaved on holiday

You will want to have a relaxing time on holiday with your “canine best buddy” so if you need a little help getting him to come when called, or learning to settle on his bed so he can be included in all the planned activities, then ring Jill to enrol in classes or book a home visit.  After all we want to be welcomed back the next time we go on holiday.