Dog Behaviourist and Trainer

Jill has been working her own dogs since 2003. She became interested in dog training when helping out on her local shoot where she fully appreciated the pleasure of owning a well-trained gundog.

Jill believes in a balanced approach to training where the key to success lies with consistency. She uses reward-based methods that appeal to the dog’s psyche of “what’s in it for me”, but above all, training needs to be fun! She focuses on enhancing communication channels and building a stronger bond between dog and owner.

Jill works with clients on the training field, in her local village hall and at home.

A large part of her time is spent tackling a range of behaviours from dogs pulling on their leads whilst out walking to territorial aggression around the home. Jill has an Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma accredited by the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council and as part of this has been studying with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT) on their degree programme to continue her professional development.

Jill served a 2 year apprenticeship gaining knowledge and hands on experience with one of the UK’s leading dog behaviourists, attending behaviour consults, assisting with The Pet Gundog training classes and training days. During this time Jill also co-assessed the Kennel Club’s Working Gundog Certificate on behalf of The Pet and Working Gundog Organisation.

Jill is a full member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and is a specialist dog handler and facilitator with Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE). She regularly attends seminars given by the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and The Kennel Club. She keeps up to date with current practices and legislation within the canine world.

Jill is currently working towards becoming a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.

Here’s some feedback from clients Jill has helped

Bodger – Cockapoo

“My vet recommended Jill Thorpe to help with our one-year-old cockapoo puppy. After a couple of hours’ visit from Jill we implemented the small changes that she advised and immediately saw such huge improvements in his behaviour. People who come to the house cannot believe how well behaved he is now. I would highly urge anyone with dog behaviour problems to contact Jill as we can now enjoy our lovely puppy and he now realises we are his boss!” (Kathleen R)

Sasha – Tibetan Spaniel

Reason for Visit: To help control Sasha whilst on walks and with her behaviour towards other people and dogs. Also to help with general behaviour around the house.

What changes did you encounter?

“We are now more confident on walks as we now know how to deal with her. We are no longer avoiding people when out but are actually looking for people to walk past. Sasha has responded well to the training techniques you have shown us and we are continuing to follow what you have taught us. The changes in Sasha are visible inside and outside the house.”