Tailored to your needs

The Behavioural Advice package begins with a conversation to assess what you need, usually over the phone. A questionnaire is then sent out to complete and return prior to a visit to your home. This speeds up the process by gathering information on your dog as well as lifestyle and behaviour problems.

During the visit anything that needs clarification is discussed and any changes are updated. The likely cause of the problem and suitable behaviour modifications are identified. The session covers how dogs learn, how to interact with them and reveals the impact we have on the relationship. There is also a practical session on how to apply the suggested techniques.

You are provided with a comprehensive report detailing all issues discussed. This includes the programmes and methods for you to implement with your dog.

Jill encourages you to keep in regular contact as you follow the plan so your progress can be monitored and additional advice given as required.

Call Jill on 07901 651 663 to book your visit.
Territorial Aggression – Separation Anxiety – Destructive Behaviour – Toilet Training – Food Scavenging –  Jumping Up – Pulling on the Lead –  Recall – Over Excitement.

Here’s some feedback from clients Jill has helped

Eddie– Bosnian Mixed Breed

Reason for Visit: Eddie was so nervous he could only come out of his crate when no one was around

What changes did you encounter?

“Eddie has made an amazing change, in the months since your visit.  He now enjoys going for a walk, being fussed, will sit, lie down on command and we are working on recall.  He is still nervous of people, although much less so and it really coming along with trusting us.  As long as he has his safe spot he can reset himself in, he is becoming much more confident.  For us, we have learnt a lot about ourselves in the way we communicate with Eddie, which of our ways we  have tried to integrate him into our home needs constant review and modification to achieve a  positive response.  We are committed to Eddie and already together we have made more progress we ever thought possible in such a short time.     

Jill, we really appreciate your help at such a crucial point when Eddie arrived, and reassured us on what we had no need to worry over, like him not being walked, sighing a lot and not leaving his crate.  The hand feeding was a major change which we still continue for one meal a day. 

Eddie is doing amazingly well, and we are proud to say that we have just come back from a few days away with him and it was the first time without the safety of his crate, and he did amazingly by just resetting on his bed if he needed to. He gets at least one long walk a day with Ron, and he walks really well by his side on the lead, no pulling at all. He is just venturing a bit further on an extending lead which is giving him more confidence. He wanders about the house at will, laying down by us, giving his paw for fuss, and is very relaxed around us. He is a lovely, funny, affectionate dog and we are so happy to have him. A lot of where we are is down to the help and reassurance you gave us which we really appreciate.

Thank you for all your help, and advice with our previous foster dogs”

Sandy & Ron