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Tailored to your needs

The Behavioural Advice package begins with a conversation to assess what you need, usually over the phone. A questionnaire is then sent out to complete and return prior to a visit to your home. This speeds up the process by gathering information on your dog as well as lifestyle and behaviour problems.

During the visit anything that needs clarification is discussed and any changes are updated. The likely cause of the problem and suitable behaviour modifications are identified. The session covers how dogs learn, how to interact with them and reveals the impact we have on the relationship. There is also a practical session on how to apply the suggested techniques.

You are provided with a comprehensive report detailing all issues discussed. This includes the programmes and methods for you to implement with your dog.

Jill encourages you to keep in regular contact as you follow the plan so your progress can be monitored and additional advice given as required.

Call Jill on 07901 651 663 to book your visit.
Territorial Aggression – Separation Anxiety – Destructive Behaviour – Toilet Training – Food Scavenging –  Jumping Up – Pulling on the Lead –  Recall – Over Excitement.

Here’s some feedback from clients Jill has helped

Bodger – Cockapoo

“My vet recommended Jill Thorpe to help with our one-year-old cockapoo puppy. After a couple of hours’ visit from Jill we implemented the small changes that she advised and immediately saw such huge improvements in his behaviour. People who come to the house cannot believe how well behaved he is now. I would highly urge anyone with dog behaviour problems to contact Jill as we can now enjoy our lovely puppy and he now realises we are his boss!” (Kathleen R)

Sasha – Tibetan Spaniel

Reason for Visit: To help control Sasha whilst on walks and with her behaviour towards other people and dogs. Also to help with general behaviour around the house.

What changes did you encounter?

“We are now more confident on walks as we now know how to deal with her. We are no longer avoiding people when out but are actually looking for people to walk past. Sasha has responded well to the training techniques you have shown us and we are continuing to follow what you have taught us. The changes in Sasha are visible inside and outside the house.” (Zoey B)