Gun Dog Training

Small group sessions

Have you got a gundog breed at home? Would you like to train him/her for the shooting field, or would you just like to train your dog to a high level?

Jill’s ‘Develop Your Gundog’ training courses follow a structured and progressive training programme which encourage you to train your dog to a high level while having a good time doing so.

Time is spent establishing solid foundations and steadiness before progressing on to more complex handling techniques whilst always building a rapport with your dog and having fun on the training field.

Meeting midweek on a fortnightly basis, there’ll be plenty of time to practice between sessions; you’ll be pleased to know that groups are kept deliberately small, and we have private use of wonderful facilities on the edge of town in the grounds of the Marlborough Cricket Club.

Please contact Jill for full details of when the next course starts: 07901 651 663

Feedback from Gundog Clients:


“I am so pleased to have found Jill as a trainer, her approach and teaching style is fantastic and would highly recommend her to anyone. Flora and I have been going to Jill’s classes for nearly a year and are seeing the benefits. The exercises are built up in a fun and entertaining way allowing to you to build a strong and engaging relationship with your dog. It is so rewarding to see Flora progress to what she has been bred to do. We are loving the online training were now following; having access to training videos set by Jill and then videoing your own exercises and submitting for feedback has been a welcomed and fun approach in these difficult times”


“Please do not be misled into thinking that Develop your Dog, Jill Thorpe, is only suitable for people who want to take their dogs on a shoot or enter gun dog trials.

I have a very cheeky working cocker, who is fundamentally the family pet. We had tried traditional puppy classes held in a village hall but they really weren’t stimulating enough for either of us and failed to address his challenging behaviours.

Jill has helped me to understand why Frankie does what he does and addresses our issues with activities that are broken down into manageable stages and allow us to have fun.

Jill’s enthusiasm for her work and commitment to force free, positive training is so apparent in her love for the dogs. She’s very patient with the owners too!
I fully recommend Develop your Dog to anyone wanting help training any dog. I’m so glad we found her and can’t imagine what I’d have done without her!”


“Jill is a fantastic dog trainer and has been so patient with Elsa, my sensitive Labrador. She has really helped her come out of her shell and gain confidence in her retrieving, especially with her swimming at the water training day!

When Elsa developed a fear of gunshots she became very sound sensitive and nervous, Jill was on hand to give me a lot of helpful advice and support to get her through it and back to enjoying her walks again. Her extensive knowledge about dog behaviour is very apparent and she is full of activities/tactics to help combat any issues your dog may have.

I can’t recommend Jill highly enough, her love of dogs and training ability is second to non and I’m so glad I found her!”

Steadiness – Whistle Work – Retrieving – Directional Control – Hunting – Distraction Training.