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Gun Dog Training

Small group sessions

Have you got a gundog breed at home? Would you like to train him/her for the shooting field, or would you just like to train your dog to a high level?

Jill’s ‘Develop Your Gundog’ training courses follow a structured and progressive training programme which encourage you to train your dog to a high level while having a good time doing so.

Time is spent establishing solid foundations and steadiness before progressing on to more complex handling techniques whilst always building a rapport with your dog and having fun on the training field.

Meeting midweek on a fortnightly basis, there’ll be plenty of time to practice between sessions; you’ll be pleased to know that groups are kept deliberately small, and we have private use of wonderful facilities on the edge of town in the grounds of the Marlborough Cricket Club.

Please contact Jill for full details of when the next course starts: 07901 651 663

Feedback from a gundog client:

What changes did you see in your dog and / or yourself? Max is now much more responsive to verbal and non verbal commands. He is now consistently looking to me for instruction, approval rather than doing his own thing. He enjoys the tasks set him from training and is calmer as he is stimulated.  His behaviour at home is fantastic.

I am more confident with getting the best behaviour from him and pushing him to do more.

Also our relationship is great – I am very proud of his achievements.

What did you like most about the course? Jill is a great instructor – very patient and takes time to sort out individual dog and trainer’s needs. I enjoyed watching Max progress and gaining confidence in working with him.  I also liked the camaraderie and shared problem solving we did over tea breaks and the encouragement from Jill and the others in the group.

Apart from training on the field, I also found the earlier sessions about dog behaviour/psychology very interesting and useful – where to set boundaries, manners etc.

What did you like least? I liked it all!  (The weather could have been better some times but even Jill cannot control that! and I am now a hardened dog walker whatever the weather!)

Steadiness – Whistle Work – Retrieving – Directional Control – Hunting – Distraction Training.