Wilf before and after photos

These are before and after photos of Wilf’s rehabilitation program after having been diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia back in July last year.

With my physio’s careful guidance we have been working together for 7 months now on building him up to be in the best shape he can be to have a normal life.

It’s been a hard slog with many ups and downs, tears of despair and grief about what his future would look like as you can imagine quite the emotional rollercoaster !🎢

He’s had daily physio routines to teach him to stand in good form so should the worst happen he will be able to automatically engage his core and minimise any fall out from any slips or trips when he’s started hooning around like any normal dog. His favourite occupation is one quite similar to being a thug 🤣 – I suspect making up for lost time whilst crated for so many months.

Looking at the photo today I can hardly believe it’s the same dog. This is down to the physio’s expert guidance and me putting in the hours. I am quietly hoping there’s a glimmer of hope we may achieve our dream of doing some gundog work together after all. Fingers crossed 🤞

Watch this space coz we’re going to give it all our best efforts and there’s still work to do. The physio hasn’t let me off the hook yet 🤣

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