To guide you through those early weeks

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy I am happy to have a chat with you over the phone to help you draw up a plan for selecting the right breed, breeder and how to go about choosing the correct puppy for your lifestyle.

When you first bring a puppy home it can be very exciting but daunting all at the same time, so I am on hand to come and guide you through those key canine development stages to ensure that your puppy grows up to be a well-mannered dog.

The home visit includes topics such as crate and toilet training, how to train your puppy the basic skills to sit, down, come, walk to heel, and to leave objects. During the session you discover how dogs learn and how to avoid common problems. In addition to practical training, we will talk about how to go about appropriate habituation to places and people, and socialising with other dogs. All of this will be followed up with a comprehensive report for you to refer to after the visit.

Call Jill on 07901 651 663 to book your visit.

Here’s some feedback from clients Jill has helped

Reason for Visit : Puppy training and manners – introducing another dog to the family

“Reminded me of basics that I had learnt with Bodger to use on Mabel. She has been much calmer since Jill’s visit and I love the Gencon lead which I believe will change my whole walks with both dogs and yet it is so gentle.  Jill’s help once again with common sense attitude and gentle but firm ways are an excellent way for any dog owner and I always promote her services to anyone I meet with dog problems.” (Kathleen R)

Reason for Home Visit:  “Setting a good example, teaching new puppy different commands.

I noticed how well Zulu reacted to the new commands and how quickly he learnt.  I can see that being consistent is key and now is the time to set these new rules and routines before he does pick up bad habits.

The session was very helpful as it reinforced what you think you know but often fail to implement.  I was sceptical at first at the need to reward Zulu as in my naivety I felt that he should want to please me anyway.  I see now that this is the way forward and I will hope to ease off on the treats as Zulu develops.  It is also important to me that Zulu fits in with us and our routines and not the other way round and that he doesn’t have just one Master but we all have our own relationship with him.  I am looking forward to seeing him grow and develop and the challenges that lie ahead.”  (Emily W)