Puppy and Gundog Training in Hampshire and Wiltshire

Gundog Trainer

Jill specialises in helping puppy and gundog owners in Hampshire and Wiltshire to develop an understanding of their dog’s needs and how to manage their behaviours with training.

Her main goal is to teach you how to build a strong and engaging relationship with your dog. This is achieved by teaching you games to play together that are broken down into small manageable steps.

Do I need to work my dog on a shoot to train with Jill?

Absolutely not – the courses are designed to benefit all dogs and handlers regardless of your end goal.

Are you just about to buy a puppy or have just brought one home? Wondering where to start?

Jill offers help and advice on all stages of your dog’s life. She can assist you to

  • choose the dog most suited to your lifestyle
  • set up your home for the puppy’s arrival
  • introduce your pup to your family and home.

Find out more on the Puppy Home-Start page.

Does your dog bog off into the distance and you want to prevent this from happening?

Then our courses are made just for you. Jill helps you build solid foundations that channel your dog’s natural instincts into appropriate activities that you can enjoy together.

Do you have the training bug and want to do more? Perhaps you aspire to take your dog on a shoot, or compete in working tests?

Jill has this covered. She offers both group classes and one to one sessions in and around Marlborough and Andover.

Find out more on the Gundog page.

Destructive Behaviour – Toilet Training – Food Scavenging – Jumping Up – Pulling on the Lead – Recall – Over Excitement.

Here’s some feedback from clients Jill has helped

Helped to gain confidence in her retrieving, especially with her swimming.

“Jill is a fantastic dog trainer and has been so patient with Elsa, my sensitive Labrador. She has really helped her come out of her shell and gain confidence in her retrieving, especially with her swimming at the water training day!”

Very highly recommended!

“Jill was so helpful with our working German Shepherd – a lovely dog with very little self-control!! Jill spent a lot of time with us, learning about Mitzi, and delivered a very thorough report on what changes we could make. She checked in afterwards and was available for any questions or follow up. Very highly recommended!”

Gundog Training Courses

Have you got a gundog breed at home? Would you like to train him/her for the shooting field, or would you just like to train your dog to a high level? I can help with these scenarios.

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Puppy Training Courses

When you first bring a puppy home it can be very exciting but daunting all at the same time, so I am on hand to come and guide you through those key canine development stages to ensure that your puppy grows up to be well-mannered.

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