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For puppy home start please call Jill Thorpe on

07901 651 663 to secure your visit

 If you would like to save money then please choose a package (which is 3 appointments). You can just book 1 appointment now (press continue), or all 3 if you like to secure your place in my diary (press the little arrow button).

Please note that for the ‘any location’ package when you pick a date, it won’t tell you immediately where the appointment is (leave the location box empty), so to help you plan please note that these are the days and geographies that I work

Monday sessions are at Wildhern, SP11 0JE (///rejoined.clustered.president)
Tuesday & Wednesday sessions are at Rudge, SN8 2HN
Thursday & Friday sessions are at Marlborough Cricket Club, SN8 3HN

Gundog Training Courses

Have you got a gundog breed at home? Would you like to train him/her for the shooting field, or would you just like to train your dog to a high level? I can help with these scenarios.

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Puppy Training Courses

When you first bring a puppy home it can be very exciting but daunting all at the same time, so I am on hand to come and guide you through those key canine development stages to ensure that your puppy grows up to be well-mannered.

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